Shelter Insurance Companies Non-Renewals and Cancellations due to COVID-19 Crisis


At Shelter Insurance® we realize that many of our customers may experience temporary lapses in employment and potential financial burdens as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We are taking steps to provide relief to our Shelter Insurance®, Say Insurance® and AmShield Insurance® customers:

  • We will temporarily suspend company-initiated non-renewals and cancellations of property and casualty policies.
  • All reinstatement fees incurred during this period will be waived.
  • We will suspend cancellations as a result of bad drafts of funds from banks.  Bad drafts will not prevent a customer from reinstating their policy. Policies with bad drafts will be double-drafted the following month and that while we will delay taking action, customers will be responsible for making up any late payments or bad drafts.

All Shelter Insurance® life insurance policies include at least a 31-day grace period. Shelter will work with individual customers on any specific issues. Please contact your Shelter agent with any questions.

These measures will be in effect through April 30th and we will monitor the situation to determine whether an extension of these temporary measures is warranted.

Shelter Insurance Companies Providing Relief to Personal Auto Customers


The Shelter Insurance® group of companies was among the first to take the stance of continuing coverage when a customer could not pay their premium, and now Shelter, including its subsidiaries AmShield Insurance®, Haulers Insurance®, and Say Insurance®, will join others in our industry in finding ways to provide relief to our customers who insure their personal autos with us.

Many of our customers are under unprecedented stay-at-home orders and social-distancing mandates, so they are driving fewer miles and experiencing fewer accidents. In the interest of providing help to our customers now, when they need it most, Shelter will pay our policyholders approximately 30% of their monthly premium for their personal autos for the months of April and May, based on our best estimate of the impact of this pandemic on our customers and on Shelter’s business.

We will work diligently to obtain approval from the Departments of Insurance in each state we serve to get this money into our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.  If a customer paid their premium automatically through a bank account, we will deposit directly into the account when possible. Otherwise, we will mail a check.

Shelter is known for doing the right thing. We will continue to evaluate this rapidly evolving situation and do what we can to help our customers, agents, and employees. 

Shelter Insurance® Provides Assistance to Communities in 15 states


COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Shelter Insurance® Foundation board has allocated $1.5 million dollars to help with crisis relief in the communities Shelter serves. To support mid-Missouri, the location of Shelter’s corporate headquarters, the Board approved a donation of $50,000 to CoMoHelps. CoMoHelps is a joint effort of the Heart of Missouri United Way, City of Columbia, Boone County and Community Foundation of Central Missouri to provide a partnership to quickly determine and meet the COVID-19 needs of our region. provides a central web page to Give Help and to Get Help. The Foundation, representing Shelter Insurance employees, agents and retirees is honored to join in and participate in this collaborative effort.

The Foundation also approved offering a $1,000 donation per agent and $5,000 per regional office to area charities working to respond to local COVID-19 needs. This offer is extended to each of Shelter’s 1,400 agents in their 15-state operating territory and to their 20 regional offices. Agents may choose which local charity to support and submit their requests to the Foundation.

“Our thoughts are with everyone suffering during this crisis,” said Teresa Magruder, Executive Vice President of the Shelter Insurance Companies and Secretary of the Shelter Insurance Foundation. “We know that local charities providing COVID-19 relief are being asked to do more every day, and we hope these donations through our local agents will make a difference.” Shelter agents and employees have a long history of supporting the communities where they live and work, and these donations are designed to assist them in their on-going efforts.

More information is available at


The astonishing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all individuals, families, corporations and countries.  At Shelter Reinsurance, we are committed to supporting our clients and partners during these challenging times.

We pride ourselves on our prompt service and our team remains operational in order to respond to your questions and covered losses in a timely manner.  Please contact any of our team members if we can be of assistance.