Our Financials

We pride ourselves on our financial strength and are dedicated in maintaining a balanced, yet diversified risk portfolio.

Premiums and Surplus

Infographic representing ShelterRe Premiums and Surplus

Both Shelter Mutual and Shelter Reinsurance continue to produce sound results with a strong financial history.  Both companies have premium to surplus writings well in excess of the 1:1 ratio with Mutual passing the $2.3 billion mark in surplus.

Portfolio of Treaties and Renewal Rates

Infographic of ShelterRe Portfolio of Treaties and Renewal Rates

Shelter Reinsurance writes primarily CAT treaty business both domestically and internationally.  The international portfolio is slightly more diverse given the proportional treaties written in the Caribbean and Israel.  Of the treaties that are offered to renew, our retention rate is very high.

Distribution of Signed Premium

Infographic of ShelterRe Portfolio of Treaties and Renewal Rates

We write treaty business across the globe and have a diverse spread of risk by region.  We do not assume any reinsurance needs of Shelter Mutual nor write reinsurance in their operating states but still derive over 24% of our signed premium from the United States.  Some of our oldest treaties originate out of Asia and Europe.  

*Figures are based on December 2021

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